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Electronics Letters

Volume 14, Issue 2, 19 January 1978

Volume 14, Issue 2

19 January 1978

The effect of surface preparation on voltage threshold in liquid crystal phase-change cells
Optical image scanning by electronic control of surface acoustic wave attenuation in CdS
Fault detection in sequential machines with increased fault coverage
Medium power 12–18 GHz amplifier module
1/f noise and resistance between circular electrodes
Power attenuation in bent multimode step-index slab and fibre waveguides
On pole assignment by proportional-plus-derivative output feedback
Three-valued c.m.o.s. cycling gates
Envelope-constrained time-domain deconvolution for transversal-filter equalisers
Worst-month statistics
Range estimation from random array phase measurements
A new technique for improving the acquisition performance of second-order phase-locked loops
Frequency response of 2-dimensional digital filters
Cascade synthesis of monolithic crystal filters with transmission zeros at finite frequencies
Erratum: Hand-held tool for optical-fibre end preparation
Erratum: Nonlinear theory of long-range-interaction resonant generators

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