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Electronics Letters

Volume 14, Issue 18, 31 August 1978

Volume 14, Issue 18

31 August 1978

Bifrequency representation of modulation filters
Modified Newton's algorithm for the Riccati equation
Furnace-drawn silica fibres with tensile strengths >3.5GN/m2 (500 kp.s.i.) in 1 km lengths
3-Level partial-response signalling for voice-grade circuits
Digital correlation for noise radar systems
Soft decision decoding of transmission codes
Intermodulation improvement by appropriate channel allocations
Guided modes of a four-layer optical waveguide with a metal buffer
Systematic synthesis of combinational circuits using multiplexers
Analysis of intermodulation distortion in GaAs m.e.s.f.e.t. amplifiers
Current density distribution and equivalent photoconductance of laser-excited microstrip gap structures
C.M.O.S. devices fabricated on buried SiO2 layers formed by oxygen implantation into silicon
Resonant length of a linearly polarised microstrip radiator
Open resonators for the measurement of permittivity
Selective filters using least-mean-square approximation technique
Single Josephson junction superconducting memory cell
The diffusion profile of stripe optical waveguides formed by ion exchange
General analysis of nonmonotonic lowpass filters having multiple pairs of imaginary-axis zeros with weighted least-mean-square error characteristic
Modified suspended striplines for microwave integrated circuits
Silicone- and ethylene-vinyl-acetate-coated laser-drawn silica fibres with tensile strengths >3.5 GN/m2 (500 kp.s.i.) in >3 km lengths
Erratum: Efficient codes for single error detection and partial single error correction
Erratum: Dispersionless coupled microstrip over fused silica-like anisotropic substrates

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