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Electronics Letters

Volume 14, Issue 15, 20 July 1978

Volume 14, Issue 15

20 July 1978

Method for the direct measurement of y-, z-, h- and g-parameters at microwave frequencies
Time-encoded speech
Carrier profiling of InP
Complex convolutions using rectangular transforms
High-density digital magnetic recording using the [5,6] alternating disparity block code
Ion implantation of neon in silicon for planar amorphous isolation
Implementation of ternary identity cells using c.m.o.s. integrated circuits
Exact field expressions for guided modes of a general class of graded-index fibres
Time-dispersion measurement in optical fibre by near- and far-field scanning technique
Three-dimensional finite-element method for solving electromagnetic problems
Matrix Cauer form for linear system reduction
White-light emission from GaAs m.o.s. structures
Signal processing in the reflective acoustic microscope
Intermodulation distortion improvement by active compensation in an X-band IMPATT amplifier
Measurement of the extinction cross-section of dielectric spheres using an open resonator
Evanescent modes in ferrite-filled circular waveguide
Resonances in a circular waveguide cavity end-loaded with magnetised ferrite discs
Optimised doping profiles for speed-up of GaAs m.e.s.f.e.t.s
Logic functions using interacting two-state m.o.s. devices
Active simulation of inductors using current conveyor
Class of optimal recursive Wiener filters
Absolute noise characterisation of avalanche photodiodes
Bandwidth efficient constant-envelope digital signalling with phase-tree demodulation
Leaky modes and rays on multimode step-index waveguides—a comparison
Envelope probability density function of the sum of signal, noise and interference
Joint loss in single-mode fibres
Fast algorithm for computing a primitive 2p+1pth root of unity in GF[(2p−1)2]

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