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Electronics Letters

Volume 14, Issue 12, 8 June 1978

Volume 14, Issue 12

8 June 1978

On the use of stochastic approximation in the state-parameter identification problem
Characteristic material signatures by acoustic microscopy
A new method of timing-signal recovery for (1, 0, −1) multiple-response signals
Pseudostep orthogonalisation: an algorithm for improving Reed–Massey threshold codes
25 MHz current to frequency convertor utilising a new type of comparator
Generalised analysis of nonmonotonic lowpass filters with minimum power loss characteristic
The derivation of switched-capacitor filters from active-RC prototypes
Comment: Monotonic lowpass filter with maximum selectivity
Reply: Monotonic lowpass filter with maximum selectivity
Wavelength dependence of modal dispersion in graded-index optical fibres
Fast-sampling frequency meter
Simple method for measuring material dispersion in optical fibres
Modelling of an f.e.t. mixer
Performance comparisons for nonrecursive digital filters with nonlinear phase characteristics
Hydraulic pressure dependence of optical loss in jacketed optical fibre
Active inductances using current conveyors and their application in a simple bandpass filter realisation
Phase correction in two-integrator loop filters using a single compensating resistor
Integration-free algorithms for fixed end-point regulator problems
100K uncooled GaAs m.e.s.f.e.t. amplifier as paramp replacement
Goos-Hänchen shift for leaky rays on step-index waveguides
Adaptive difference detection and correction system for partial correction of transmission errors in linear p.c.m.
Line width control in electron-beam lithography
Accurate single section model of uniform R-C-NR structure
Erratum: On multiplicative overflow detection in residue number system

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