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Electronics Letters

Volume 14, Issue 10, 11 May 1978

Volume 14, Issue 10

11 May 1978

A low-cost long-term stochastic integrator
Selectively ion implanted Gunn-f.e.t. integrated circuits for pulse regenerator
Lateral phototransistor with low intensity light sensitivity
Effect of nonrandom digital signals on p.c.m. frame synchronisation
Partial correction of transmission errors in Walsh transform image without recourse to error correction coding
‘Bootstrapping’ in Josephson tunnelling logic circuits
Periodic response of nonlinear asymmetrical second-order oscillators
Low-distortion downconvertor using varactor diodes
Contrast in reflection acoustic microscopy
Carrier removal profiles from oxygen implanted GaAs
Direct determination of feedback shift register connections for delayed m-sequences generation
Lenses for wideband corrugated conical horns
Algorithm for identification of multivariable discrete-time linear systems
Depolarisation due to snow at 11.6 GHz
Erratum: Approximations to hybrid mode slot line behaviour
Erratum: New acoustic-surface-wave zero-temperature cuts in Tl3VS4
Erratum: Frequency response of 2-dimensional digital filters
Erratum: Optimisation of feed position and improved profile mapping of a reflector antenna from microwave holographic measurements

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