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Electronics Letters

Volume 14, Issue 1, 5 January 1978

Volume 14, Issue 1

5 January 1978

Novel m.o.s. differential amplifier for sampled-data applications
Electrical profiles from zinc implanted GaAs
Simple method of designing suboptimal dynamic controllers for discrete linear systems
An equivalent focused reflector feed in place of any generalised defocused or extended feed
Intensity fluctuations of injection lasers operated with high frequency modulation
An improvement in printed circuit board routability using a maze-running algorithm
GaAs varactor diodes for u.h.f. TV tuners fabricated by ion implantation
Limitations of zinc sulphide leaky waveguide electro-optic modulators
On 2-variable reactance functions for 2-dimensional recursive filter design
On the derivation and interpretation of the marcatili profile condition for optical fibres
Wavelength division two-way fibre-optic transmission experiments using micro-optic duplexers
Radiation from dielectric sphere loaded horns
Bandwidth and demodulation gain in q.s.s.b. f.m.
GaAs m.a.o.s.f.e.t. memory transistor
Some effects of wave propagation in the gate of a microwave m.e.s.f.e.t.
Comparison of electrical profiles from hot and cold implantations of zinc ions into GaAs
High-accuracy extraction of buried-channel m.o.s. transistor threshold voltages

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