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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 9, 28 April 1977

Volume 13, Issue 9

28 April 1977

Theoretical model for a microsctip optoelectronic switch
Light-controlled semiconductor waveguide antenna
OH-ion distribution profiles in rod preforms of high-silica optical waveguide
Acoustic-bulk-wave resonators and filters operating in the fundamental mode at frequencies greater than 100 MHz
Expressions for the analysis of digital transmission systems
Utilisation of a single inductorless neuristor line section as a voltage-to-frequency convertor
Pattern-recognition properties of r.a.m./r.o.m. arrays
Method of obtaining radiowave propagation parameters for the Earth–ionosphere duct at e.l.f.
Pulse response and microbending losses of an optical glass-fibre waveguide with a bump in its index profile
Compensating fibre splice technique
Simple electronically tunable 2nd-order active filter
Second-harmonic locking properties of l.s.a.-mode transferred-electron oscillators
Effects of γ-irradiation on some cholesteric products
Figure of merit for avalanche photodiodes
New television test waveform
Dielectric-clad discone
Microbending loss of multimode square-law fibres: a ray theory
Decision-directed reference carrier generation in an autocorrelation receiver
C.C.D. processor for simultaneous time stretching and signal averaging
C.C.D.-addressed liquid-crystal displays
Erratum: Maximum information capacity of fibre-optic waveguides
Erratum: Parallel-in/serial-out: a new approach for c.c.d. transversal filters
Erratum: Effect of vibration on s.a.w.-oscillator noise spectra
Comment on ‘Low-frequency behaviour of the Beverage aerial’

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