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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 7, 31 March 1977

Volume 13, Issue 7

31 March 1977

Design of high-efficiency antennas employing dielectric-cone feeds
Large-core high n.a. fibres for data-link applications
Photoetching of InP mesas for production of mm-wave transferred-electron oscillators
Energy balance at arc cathode root on copper with oxide films above 25 nm thickness
Easily decodable efficient self-orthogonal block codes
Effect of dip in the referctive index on the cut-off frequency of a single-mode fibre
High-power pulsed and c.w. silicon double-drift IMPATT amplifiers at X-band
Effect of scattering in measurements of rain attenuation by passive radiometry
Observed behaviour of high-efficiency impatt diodes over a 30% frequency range
High-power 10%-tuning-bandwidth varactor-controlled impatt oscillator/amplifier
Wavelength dependence of scintillation fading at 110 and 36 GHz
Calculation of inhomogeneous microstrip lines
Effect on skywave field strengths of proximity to a discontinuity in the Earth's electrical properties
Describing functions, limit cycles and reduced models in nonlinear systems
GaAs f.e.t.s with silicon-implanted channels
Fabrication of low-loss single-mode fibres
Leakage current enhancement in impatt oscillators by photoexcitation
Electron traps in bulk and epitaxial GaAs crystals
GaAs m.e.s.f.e.t.: a high-speed optical detector
Thick-film 3-stage m.i.c. IMPATT diode-amplifier on ferrite
Threshold-logic functions and the exclusive-OR
New avalanche-injection-controlled switch
Null steering in linear arrays by using amplitude control of signals in the feeder network
Intersting microwave filtering properties of C-section periodic structure
Sinusoidal-frequency-halving technique
High-level injection in the epilayer of the I2L transistor
Frequency response of a surface-acoustic-wave filter using a waveguide
Development in lumped-component pulse-compression networks
Field-contour plots in parabolic cylinder by method of moments
Simultaneous measurements of radio refractivity and multipath fading on 2 July 1975 at 11, 19 and 36 GHz on a 7.5 km path
Measurement of Langmuir-film properties by optical waveguide probe
Measurement of profile dispersion in optical fibres: a direct technique
Decimation of m-sequences leading to any desired phase shift
Lower bound on the size of a 3-stage wide-sense nonblocking network
New active quadrature phase-shift network
Asymmetric 2-Josephson-junction interferometer as a logic gate
Feature filtering: the digital enhancement and suppression of periodic waveforms
Comment on ‘Phase normalised m-sequences with the inphase decimation property {m(k)} = {m(2k)}’ [and reply]

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