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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 5, 3 March 1977

Volume 13, Issue 5

3 March 1977

Chinese product theorem for generalised p.n. sequences
‘Instant’ Fourier transform
Melt splice of multimode optical fibre with an electric arc
Continuous measurement of optical-fibre attenuation during manufacture
Parallel-in/serial-out: a new approach for c.c.d. transversal filters
Phase equalisation of analogue magnetic recorders by transversal filtering
New family of bulk-acoustic-wave devices employing interdigital transducers
Voltage-sweep-circuit technique employing capacitance magnification
Optimal parameter surfaces for 2nd-order discrete control systems
Measurement of normalised frequency in single-mode optical fibres
Multivalued integrated-injection-logic (MI2L) full adder
S.A.W. right-angle reflection coefficient from metal strip array reflector on y-cut LiNbO3
Variance noise
Cut-off frequency in radially inhomogeneous single-mode fibre
Forward scatter and crosspolarisation from spheroidal ice particles
Fast pulse behaviour of InGaAsP/InP double-heterostructure lasers emitting at 1.27 μm
Versatile precision fullwave rectifier
Control of defects in silicon dioxide
Measurement of baseband frequency response of multimode fibre by using a new type of mode scrambler
Cutting optical fibres with a hot wire
Necessary conditions for stabilisation and pole placement with output feedback
Phase-shift modulation technique for the linerisation of analogue optical transmitters
Orthogonal transform for estimating the number of targets in a radar resolution cell

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