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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 4, 17 February 1977

Volume 13, Issue 4

17 February 1977

Correlation of pulsed m.o.s. capacitor measurements with oxidation induced defects
Static-hazard detection in switching circuits by prime-implicant examination in fuzzy functions
Maximum information capacity of fibre-optic waveguides
High-Q-factor s.a.w. resonators at 780 MHz
High-speed current-mode threshold gate with clamps and current comparison
Negative resistance and c.w. oscillation of the transit-time transistor
Broadening of primary feed patterns by small E-plane slots
Effect of vibration on s.a.w.-oscillator noise spectra
Integral-equation approach to the abrupt-depletion approximation in semiconductor components
Modelling of microwave GaAs f.e.t. in common-gate operation
Novel method for amplitude measurement of signals up to microwave frequencies
Low-loss propagation in the dipole-mode along a coaxial waveguide
Novel variable-focus ultrasonic transducer
Schemes for increased output-voltage swing from operational amplifiers
Effect of substrate temperature on d.c.-sputtered antimony-doped tin-dioxide films
Thin-film magnetostatic amplifier: analytical expressions of dispersion and gain properties
Network analysis of microwave oscillators using microstrip transmission lines
Equivalent circuit of the asymmetric crossover junction
Effect of gain control and modulation on harmonic nonlinear operators, with application to audio signal processing

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