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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 23, 10 November 1977

Volume 13, Issue 23

10 November 1977

Simple design procedure for single-sideband crystal filters
High-speed optical preamplifiers
Bivariate interpolation approach for efficiently and accurately modelling antennas near a halfspace
Simple characterisation factor for practical single-mode fibres
Efficient intensity modulation in a Ti-diffused LiNbO3 branched optical waveguide device
Numerical instabilities of the moment method in waveguide calculations
Mode shift at bends in single-mode fibres
Effect of thermal impedance on chirp characteristics of high-efficiency pulsed InP oscillators
GaAs Schottky-barrier-diode frequency multipliers in 300 and 450 GHz bands
Radar display system using c.c.d. for time expansion
Method for measuring 3rd-order intermodulation distortion in GaAs f.e.t.s
Crosspolarisation for linearly and circularly polarised waves propagating through a population of ice particles on satellite-Earth paths
Application of c.c.d.s to f.d.m. channel filtering: a phase-cancellation system
New principle to measure loss and mode-conversion parameters of multimode fibres

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