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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 22, 27 October 1977

Volume 13, Issue 22

27 October 1977

Influence of junction roughness on solar-cell characteristics
Suboptimum quantiser/coder for a receiver with ternary integration
Stratification methods in the numerical analysis of opticalwaveguide transmission parameters
New acoustic-surface-wave zero-temperature cuts in Tl3TaSe4
M.I.S. and Schottky slow-wave coplanar striplines on GaAs substrates
Crosspolarisation phase due to ice crystals on microwave satellite paths
Hole traps in bulk and epitaxial GaAs crystals
Performance of p-i-n photodiode compared with avalance photodiode in the longer-wavelength region of 1 to 2 μm
Electronic steering of multiple nulls for circular arrays
Television-test-signal generation by using p.a.m. pulse techniques
Array of flat symmetrical dipoles operating at the first antiresonance frequency
Low-loss splices for single mode fibres
Current-kink noise of n-channel enhancement e.s.f.i.-m.o.s. s.o.s. transistors
Theoretical relationship between rain depolarisation and attenuation
Fibre-optic delay-line devices for r.f. signal processing
High-speed digital-signal transmission experiments by optical wavelength-division multiplexing
Very-high-purity InP l.p.e. layers
Gyromagnetic nonlinear element and its application as a pulse-shaping transmission line
Novel optimisation procedure applied to the minimisation of the ripple of a microwave amplifier

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