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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 21, 13 October 1977

Volume 13, Issue 21

13 October 1977

Determination of the wavelength of zero material dispersion in optical fibres by pulse-delay measurements
Octave-band GaAs f.e.t. y.i.g.-tuned oscillators
New synthesis cycle for LC impedances
Structural and electrical profiles for double damage layers in ion-implanted silicon
Frequency-hopped waveform synthesis by using s.a.w. chirp filters
100 Mb/s 12 km and 400 Mb/s 8 km optical-fibre transmission experiments
Gunn-effect high-speed carry finding device for 8 bit binary adder
New gate model for the transient analysis of logic systems
Simultaneous 20 and 30 GHz attenuation measurements on a satellite-Earth path
Experimental verification of mode shape in s.a.w. grating resonators
Femtojoule logic circuit using normally-off GaAs m.e.s.f.e.t.s
Efficient synchronisation signal for the switched satellite
Calculations of δv/v for thin-film s.a.w. transducers on a nonzero conductive silicon substrate
Propagation coefficients for vertically and horizontally polarised waves at 36.5 GHz
Variability of atmospheric water-vapour concentration and its implications for microwave-radio-link planning
E.I.R.P. allocation for a nonlinear satellite channel with multiple transmit beams and carriers
F.S.K. bursts for efficient clutter rejection
V.H.F.-turnstile-antenna performance as a function of antenna geometry on large cylindrical satellites

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