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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 20, 29 September 1977

Volume 13, Issue 20

29 September 1977

Electronics Letters Premium
C.M.R.R. analysis of the 3-op-amp instrumentation amplifier
Inclusion of conductivity in silicon s.a.w. component design
Two-Josephson-junction interferometer memory cell for n.d.r.o.
Performance evaluation of a general framing circuit using two N-stage shift registers
Performance comparison of data windows
Change of some properties of junction field-effect transistors after ionising irradiation
Spark-induced fracture of optical fibres
Design of waveguide-to-microstrip transitions specially suited to millimetre-wave applications
Material-dispersion-limited operation of high-bit-rate optical-fibre data links using l.e.d.s
Propagation characteristics of trapezoidal-cross-section ridge optical waveguides
Low-loss fibre prepared under high deposition rate by modified c.v.d. technique
n-way r.f. power splitters
Bandpass filtering with multibar magnetostatic-surfacewave microstrip transducers
Synthesis of filters with minimum integrated power-loss ratio in the passband
1/f noise of continuous-wave semiconductor lasers
Hilbert-transformer side-chain phase equaliser for analogue magnetic recording
Microwave imaging of subsurface cylindrical scatters from crosspolar backscatter
Analysis of fading due to rain, snow and multipath propagation for 11 GHz radio links variously located in England
Initial convergence of recursive maximum-likelihood identification algorithms
Loss in gain and boresight crosspolarisation in reflector antennas with surface errors
Effect of the reverse bias between channel and substrate on the effective mobility of electrons in a Ge i.g.f.e.t.
Erratum: Intensity modulation of light transmitted in curved optical fibres

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