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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 2, 20 January 1977

Volume 13, Issue 2

20 January 1977

Efficient bulk wave excitation on ST quartz
Asymptotically optimal soft decision decoding algorithms for Hamming codes
Improving the large-signal models of bipolar transistors by dividing the intrinsic base into two lateral sections
Determination of refractive index and ellipticity of an unclad elliptical optical fibre
Search procedure for efficient superdirective array and image enhancement functions
Stable charge storage of m.a.o.s. diodes on GaAs by new anodic oxidation
3-level conduction-band structure of GaAs from high-stress and high-field measurements
New correlation identities for periodic sequences
Pulse distortion in single-mode fibres with microbending
Refractive-index profiles of stress-induced (embossed) optical waveguides
Impedance approximations for resistive conductor cable
Tunable Raman fibre-optic laser
Optical absorption characteristics of hydroxyl radicals in phosphorus-containing silica glass
Edge condition and mode-matching solutions in the presence of gyrotropic media
Distortionless vestigial-sideband transmission with symmetric delay about the carrier frequency and synchronous demodulation
Gunn-effect memory device using the charge accumulation on a Schottky-trigger electrode
Comment on ‘Efficient generation technique for polynomial codesets‘ [and reply]

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