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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 17, 18 August 1977

Volume 13, Issue 17

18 August 1977

Inverse optimal control problem for linear discrete-time systems
Transparent, highly sensitive GaAs/(GaAl)As photodiode
Measurements of the electron accumulation on two Schottky diodes connected metal to metal
Theory of depletion-layer recombination in silicon p–n junctions
Intersymbol-interference error bounds for hard-limited satellite channels
Combinational logicfree realisations for high-speed m-sequence generation
Identification of nonlinear systems using the Wiener model
Contact-degradation studies on GaAs transferred-electron devices using a focused backscattering technique
Circuits for the precise synthesis of the sine function
Modelling the 3rd-order intermodulation-distortion properties of a GaAs f.e.t.
Optimim design for a broadband microstrip balun
Modelling technique for an f.e.t. chip
Uncertainties of the leaky mode correction for near-square-law optical fibres
Radar calibration by using frequency domain measurements
Crosspolar variations on a satellite-Earth path
Waveguide antenna switches using p-i-n diodes

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