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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 14, 7 July 1977

Volume 13, Issue 14

7 July 1977

Observation of millimetre-wave amplitude scintillations in a town environment
Peak values of system response to a pseudorandom input
Probe correction of spherical near-field measurements
High-efficiency laser-to-fibre coupling circuit using a combination of a cylindrical lens and a selfoc lens
D.C. solution of bipolar-transistor circuits
Spectra of a.c.-induced noise in resistors
L.E.D. design for fibre systems
Stripe-geometry d.h. lasers with linear output/current characteristics
Propagation and radiation characteristics of rib waveguide
Uniform diffraction coefficients for an impedance wedge
Crosspolar phase variations at 20 and 30 GHz on a satellite-Earth path
New form of digital wattmeter using a double dual-slope principle
GaAs f.e.t.s with graded channel doping profiles
Controllability and observability of composite systems
Design of a root-locus plotter
Calibration of 20 and 30 GHz radiometers by using the ATS–6 satellite beacons
Compensation technique for the design of wideband surface-acoustic-wave filters using multistrip couplers
Threshold detector for subnanosecond pulses
X-band TRAPATT amplifiers
Discrete radiation from curved single-mode fibres
Avalanche-noise dependence on avalanche-photodiode structures
Technique for increasing the gain-bandwidth product of n-m.o.s. and p-m.o.s. integrated inverters
Large linear area light-spot-position-sensitive photodiode
RC active variable-group-delay equaliser

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