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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 13, 23 June 1977

Volume 13, Issue 13

23 June 1977

Antenna measurements on an intermediate distance range by using an interference-pattern technique
Prediction of microwave slant-path attenuation from point rainfall-rate measurements
Influence of a central depression on the dispersion characteristics of a graded-index profile
Observations of high-field domains in GaxIn1 − xSb Gunn diodes
Accurate broadband square-to-triangle convertor
New v-groove integrated injection logic
Unidirectional surface-acoustic-wave transducers with a ZnO film on glass substrate
Method for designing stable 2-D digital filters
Digital filtering using polynomial transforms
Referred impedance noise analysis for feedback amplifiers
Redundancy bounds for multipleburst error-correcting codes
Erratum: Comparison of numerical computations of optical-waveguide transmission parameters
Erratum: Compensating fibre splice technique

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