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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 11, 26 May 1977

Volume 13, Issue 11

26 May 1977

Interference patterns from very thick samples for determining the profile of graded-index fibres
Matrix formulation of corrugated feeds by using impedance boundary conditions
Negative current-mirror using npn transistors
GaAs power f.e.t.s with electron-beam-defined gates
Crosspolarised radiation from waveguides and narrow-angle horns
Statistical model for the prediction of the bandwidth of an optical route
Intentional side etching to achieve low-noise GaAs f.e.t.
Estimating the correlation coefficient of highly correlated clutter
Radiation characterristics of a step discontinuity in a monomode optical fibre
Diffusion-controlled adecay of laser-excited photoconductivity in optoelectronic switches
Double-split-electrode transversal filter
D.D.A. notch filter
Diffraction-optimised shaped-beam reflector antennas
Two-port description of an s.a.w. filter
Unified active structure for an arbitrary 2-port network realisation
Receding-horizon approach to the synthesis of nonlinear multivariable regulators
Series-connected GaAs and Si IMPATT-diode chips: some new results
Hybrid waveform equalisation scheme for coaxial p.c.m. systems
Method of data reduction of sampled speech signals by using nonuniform sampling and a time-variable digital filter
Comment on ‘Effective area of an antenna’ [and reply]
Erratum: Microbending loss of multimode square-law fibres: a ray theory
Erratum: Zero temperature coefficients in overtone lithium-tantalate thickness-mode resonators

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