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Electronics Letters

Volume 13, Issue 10, 12 May 1977

Volume 13, Issue 10

12 May 1977

Comparison of numerical computations of optical-waveguide transmission parameters
Transmission characteristics of a dielectric-tube waveguide with an outer higher-index cladding
High-efficiency and high-peak-power InP transferred-electron oscillators
Transform coding using charge-coupled devices
Fast algorithm for computer complex number-theoretic transforms
Double epitaxial silicon avalanche photodiodes for optical-fibre communications
Fast a.d. convertor using a digital discriminator and a v.c.o.
Evidence for coherent noise in pumped Schottky-diode mixers
Error probabilities due to atmospheric noise in practical m-c.p.s.k. and ideal f.s.k. receivers
Simple approximations for the gain margin of systems having two dominant poles
Influence of diffusion on the small-signal properties of Misawa diodes
Active broadbanding of aim X-band IMPATT-diode amplifier
Modulation characteristics of double-heterostructure superluminescent diodes
Delay equalisation of vestigialsideband waveform transmission systems
Radiation properties of 90° conical horns
Electro-optic multichannel waveguide deflector
Signal processing with fast chirp waveforms
Design strategy for p.a.m. signal demodulator
Liquid-nitrogen-cooled submillimetre-wave silicon IMPATT diodes
New acoustic-surface-wave zero-temperature cuts in Tl3VS4
Inverse active networks
Faster nearest-neighbour calculations
Determinant of the null return-difference matrix
Through-pulse measurements on installed 1.2/4.4 mm coaxial cables: two examples

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