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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 9, 29 April 1976

Volume 12, Issue 9

29 April 1976

Tunable magnetostatic surface-wave oscillator
Radiation of conical horns excited in higher-order modes
Minimising signal distortion in f.l.f. active filters
Rotator and reflector for transfer functions
Scattering loss of s.a.w. resonators
Fabrication of planar Gunn-effect logic device with self-aligned Schottky-barrier gates
70 MHz surface-acoustic-wave resonator notch filter
Crosspolarisation characteristics of axially symmetric reflectors
New method of optimising nonadaptive predictive systems
Measurement of the base diffusion profile of a narrow-basewidth transistor
Approximate calculation of radiation from open-ended wide microstrip lines
Semi-ideal sine oscillators (s.i.s.o.)
Low-sensitivity bandpass filters using the operational-amplifier pole
Error probabilites for a.s.k./p.s.k. systems in an additive mixture of Gaussian and impulsive noise
Calculation of radiation patterns of paraboloidal reflectors by high-frequency asymptotic techniques
Reduction of losses in low-frequency (2 MHz) surface-wave delay line by outgassing
Requirement on carrier concentration and geometry of Schottky-electrode-triggered Gunn device
Low-frequency stability margin in IMPATT-diode circuits
Addendum: Rain-induced deflection of microwave and millimetre-wave radiowaves
Comment on ‘1/f noise generated by high-frequency currents’

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