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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 8, 15 April 1976

Volume 12, Issue 8

15 April 1976

Design of surface-acoustic-wave filters by taking account of electrical terminations and matching circuits
Development of the Chung and Bedrosian iterative digital cellular multiplier
Transfer-function matrix of multivariable systems with cascade and feedback controllers
Microwave impedance determination by reflection-coefficient measurement through an arbitrary linear 2-port system
Programmable p.s.k. diode convolver
Method for determining the relative time delay between two replicas of a binary sequence
Transient thermal response of amplifying gate thyristors
Optimum gapwidth in light-controlled microstrip modulators
Optimal: a program for optimising microstrip networks
GaAs power f.e.t.s with semi-insulated gates
Translinear root-difference-of-squares circuit
Feedback polynomial of a majority logic decoder
Design of time-optimal regulators for linear multivariable discrete-time plants
Finite-length binary phase codes for digital pulse compression
Investigation of a 90° corrugated horn
Optical waveguiding and modulation in zinc-sulphide thin films
Design of symmetrical polylithic crystal filters
Microwave balanced-mixer circuits using combline directional couplers
Neuristor-line pulse-train selector
Products of graph projections as a model for multistage communication networks
Comments on optimally aggregated models of high-order systems
Erratum: New method of obtaining reduced-order models for linear multivariable systems

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