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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 7, 1 April 1976

Volume 12, Issue 7

1 April 1976

Graphical representation of the effect of source and load immittance on the stability of orthogonal networks
Amplification with 3-terminal avalanche devices
Determination of diameters and refractive indices of step-index optical fibres
Amplitude and phase measurements of forward-scattered microwave radiation from waterdrops
Odd-order-frequency-multiple-generation technique
Surface efficiency measurements on a high-modulus carbon fibre composite reflector antenna at L- and S-band frequencies
Totally selective convolutional decoding
Numerical calculation of the radiation from a guiding structure of arbitrary cross-section
Design of short e-plane sectoral horns
High-precision y=x2 generator
Scattering by thin wires
Pulse broadening in multimode optical fibres with large Δn/n: numerical results
Production and properties of Al2O3 layers on silicon substrates
Avalanche-multiplication-region operation of n-p-n-n+ power transistors
Hybrid parametric amplifier: an experimental result
Mode coupling in an elastically deformed optical fibre
‘Early-intercept voltage’: a parameter of voltage-driven b.j.t.s
Laser probing of a surface-acoustic-wave resonator
Wrap-around delay line on Gulyaev-Bleustein waves with amplification
800 Mb/s optical-repeater experiment

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