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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 6, 18 March 1976

Volume 12, Issue 6

18 March 1976

Standard-quadrature-rules approach to the evaluation of error probability in multilevel digital systems
Power conservation for reflector antennas with truncated feed patterns
Varactor-tunable pulsed avalanche-diode oscillator for X-band operation
New semiconductor contact technology
Direct evaluation of a cost function in online identification techniques
Simple 2nd-order amplifier model for differential and common-mode gain
Telephone sidetone rating which includes human sidetone effects
Inverse of linear systems
Durch Schaltungsmaßnahmen erhöhte Speicherzeit beim Ein-Transistor-Speicherelement (Increased storage time of a single-transistor memory cell)
Analysis of cylindrical-to-plane-wave conversion by volume holograms
Comparison of high-efficiency GaAs IMPATT designs
Equivalent-circuit parameters of a silicon avalanche photodiode
Partial decoupling in a class of nonlinear control systems
C.W. oscillation with p+-p-n+ silicon IMPATT diodes in 200 GHz and 300 GHz bands
Nonlinear analysis of mismatched transistor microwave power amplifiers
V-groove-isolated i.i.l. circuits
New star coupler compatible with single multimode-fibre data links
Erratum: Adaptive block scheme for source coding of black-and-white facsimile

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