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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 5, 4 March 1976

Volume 12, Issue 5

4 March 1976

Digital filtering using cotransforms in finite fields
Unassigned eigenvalues in Morgan's decoupling technique
Loss measurements in stress-induced optical waveguides fabricated by an embossing process
S.A.W. 350 μs binary phase-shift-keyed matched filter
Attenuation measurement of cylindrical dielectric-rod waveguide
A.S.W. filter bank using a multistrip reflective array
High values of rain-induced differential attenuation measured on a 53 km path at 13 GHz
Eigenmode analysis of anisotropic optical fibres or integrated optical waveguides
Electrically-variable optical-beam deflection and focusing with p.l.z.t. ceramics
Null-steering antenna for mobile communication
Coherent Gunn oscillations in Gaxin1−xSb
Influence of charge-transfer inefficiency on c.c.d. recursive-filter performance
Reply to ‘Comment on Choice of grid configuration of array antennas’
Erratum: Design technique for microwave-transistor power amplifiers

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