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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 4, 19 February 1976

Volume 12, Issue 4

19 February 1976

State-sequence reconstruction of nonlinear probabilistic automata
New method of obtaining reduced-order models for linear multivariable systems
Pulse-reflection method for transmission-loss measurement of optical fibres
Pitch synchronous 1st-order linear d.p.c.m. system
Stability of 2-channel nonlinear systems with symmetric linear parts
In situ measurements of arsenic losses during annealing of the usual evaporated contacts of GaAs Gunn diodes
Comment on ‘Choice of grid configuration of array antennas’
Effective area of an antenna
Observation of the Josephson effect in unusually thin Dayem bridges
Pattern synthesis for antennas with multiple primary beams by minimax optimisation
Analysis of the clover-shaped geometry for a Hall generator
Electrogyration effect in crystalline quartz
Physical processes of s.a.w. Schottky-diode memory correlator
Fast logarithmic d.a. conversion with small error
Microbending loss in monomode fibres
1/f noise and constriction resistance of elongated contact spots
1/fand 1/Δf noise produced by a radio-frequency current in a carbon resistor
Erratum: Improved method for evaluating the static parameters of the Ebers–Moll transistor model

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