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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 3, 5 February 1976

Volume 12, Issue 3

5 February 1976

Adaptive block scheme for source coding of black-and-white facsimile
Field near the interface of a jungle dielectric slab
Measurement of the numerical aperture of a step-index optical fibre
Excess noise in the radiation from c.w. d.h. GaAlAs-diode lasers
Heatsinking GaAs 4–18 GHz Gunn and IMPATT devices
High-sensitivity miniature-sized microwave-power monitor
Rain-induced deflection of microwave and millimetre-wave radiowaves
New electro-optical effect: optical activity of electric-field-induced twisted-nematic liquid crystal
Measurement of the electron velocity/field characteristics of GaxIn1−xSb by a microwave-heating technique
Modified Schüssler filters with low sensitivity to element changes
Design technique for microwave-transistor power amplifiers
Modifications to the method of moments
Comparison of two adaptive controllers
Measurement of nonlinear distortion in light-emitting diodes
Measurement of nonlinear distortion in photodiodes
Explicit criteria for moment stability of stochastic systems with solvable Lie algebras
Two-layer interdigital transducer for acoustic-surface-wave devices
Subnanosecond-pulse generator employing 2-stage pulse step sharpener
Design data for interdigital directional couplers
Determining elements of lossy ladder networks

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