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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 25, 9 December 1976

Volume 12, Issue 25

9 December 1976

Relaxation l.s.a. mode in InP
Optimum profiles for dispersive multimode fibres
Audio-disc scratch filter
Design of 3-screw tuners
Method of constructing de-Bruijn sequences
Design of stable 2-dimensional discrete recursive filters
Minimal-transfer c.c.d. structures
Very simple method to find the minimum polynomial of an arbitrary nonzero element of a finite field
Effects of channelling on the electrical properties of donor implanted GaAs
Lowpass filter with minimum integrated power-loss ratio in the passband
Experimental study of a dielectric rod enclosed by a waveguide for use as a feed
Carrier removal after H1+, H2+ or H3+ implants into GaAs
New method for measuring V-value of a single-mode optical fibre
Solar cells from polysilicon rods
Simple analysis of anisotropic microstrip lines by a transform method
Source-drive optimisation for optical-fibre systems using l.e.d.s
Improved performance of millimetre-wave impatt diodes on type-IIa diamond heatsinks
Modulation transfer function of quadrilinear c.c.d. imager
Frequency-shift keyer using unidirectionality of a 3-phase interdigital transducer
Lossless ungrounded inductor realisation
M.N.O.S. memory structure with relatively thick oxide
Phase-referred input: a simple new linear c.c.d. input method
Temperature compensated cuts with zero power flow in TI3VS4 and TI3TaSe4
Dispersion characteristics of a ferrite microstrip by a transverse-mode-matching technique
Adaptive polarisation control on a dual-polarised 4/6 GHz satcom link in the presence of rain
Hybrid parametric amplifier at 30 MHz with a noise temperature of 18 K
Erratum: Long-wave behaviour of the Beverage wave aerial
Erratum: Dispersionless coupled microstrip over fused silica-like anisotropic substrates

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