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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 21, 14 October 1976

Volume 12, Issue 21

14 October 1976

Surface-acoustic-wave parametric amplifier
Routine characterisation of single-mode fibres
Interdiffusion of metallic contact layers on silicon IMPATT diodes
Effect of dopants on transmission loss of low-OH-content optical fibres
Combined frequency and phase-shift keying
Reduction of linear systems by canonical forms
Light-emitting diodes with a modulation bandwidth of more than 1 GHz
Frequency response of a digital network
Design of uncorrelated signals
S.A.W. reflecting arrays
Nonagreement of forward echo and return loss
Raising the crossover level of dual-beam parabolic antennas
Attenuation and wavelength measurement of lossy waveguides
Low-frequency intensity fluctuations of c.w. d.h. GaAlAs-diode lasers
Incremental efficiency enhancement and r.f. response of GaAs-GaAlAs double-heterostructure stripe lasers
Efficient method for trimming allpass sections
Radiation from curved single-mode fibres
Efficient generation technique for polynomial codesets
Technique for jointing small-core optical fibres
Two aspects of electro-optical-correlator implementation
Erratum: Errors-and-erasures decoding of binary majority-logic-decodable codes
Erratum: Optimum sufficient conditions for the stability of linear multivariable systems

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