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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 20, 30 September 1976

Volume 12, Issue 20

30 September 1976

Electronics Letters Premium
Pleochroic dyes with high-order parameters for liquid-crystal displays
Real-time areagraph of continuous speech for analysis and speech training
Implementation of linear programming with a digital stochastic computer
Wideband electronic tuning of s.a.w. devices
Stable spectral estimates with maximum entropy estimation
Simple rotation procedure for a graphical display system
Simple 2-GaAs-read-diode-oscillator power-combiner module
Experimental investigation of parametric sideband amplification in injection lasers
Error reduction by linear constraints in recursive identification
Second breakdown in high-voltage switching transistors
Measurement of heat-flow resistance in BARITT diodes
Magnetoresistive power controller with zero voltage drop
Crosspolarisation in beam-waveguide feeds
Electrical characterisation of transferred-electron devices
Closed-system approach for a class of dissipative dynamical systems
Measurement of the settling time of a v.c.o. by varying the repetition rate of a square-wave generator
F.E.T. mixer with the drain l.o. injection
Microbending loss in single-mode W-fibres
Parametric downconvertor (6 to 4 GHz) for satellite ground-station applications
Program design, abstract machines and the design engineer
Symmetry conditions for vestigial sideband systems
Green's function for determining transverse e.m.-field components from the radial components
Erratum: Implementation of some ternary operators with c.m.o.s. integrated circuits
Erratum: Computation of time-domain response of URC networks

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