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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 2, 22 January 1976

Volume 12, Issue 2

22 January 1976

Transistor transit-time oscillator (translator)
Calculating poles and zeros of matrix transfer functions
Frequency-hopped-waveform synthesis with a surface-acoustic-wave tapped delay line
Reply to ‘Comment on New multiple feedback active RC network’
Generation-recombination noise in the channel of GaAs Schottky-gate field-effect transistors
Asynchronous polling arbiter
Parametric transducer for high-speed real-time acoustic imaging
Four noise parameters of 2-ports with complex topology
Quantisation-noise analysis of digital filters with controlled quantisation
Efficient implementation of multiple-beam sampler for continuously scanned array antennas
Comment on ‘1/f noise in resistors’
Matrix method for systematising sequential-circuit design
Wide-bandwidth high-radiance gallium-arsenide light-emitting diodes for fibre-optic communication
Effect of heat treatment on the nature of traps in epitaxial GaAs
First anodic-oxide GaAs m.o.s.f.e.t.s based on easy technological processes
X-band performance of GaAs power f.e.t.s
Delay-line-stabilised microwave oscillator
P.C.M. A-law decoder using a circulating method
Adaption of directly measurable transistor noise parameters to computer-aided noise analysis
Monte Carlo simulation of current transport in forward-biased Schottky-barrier diodes
Erratum: Quick accurate design of a frequency-stabilised coaxial dielectric resonator

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