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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 19, 16 September 1976

Volume 12, Issue 19

16 September 1976

Analytical evaluation of the components necessary for double reactance compensation of an oscillator
Power bipolar gridistor
S.A.W. frequency synthesis using a monolithic ZnO-on-Si convolver
Synthesis of transfer function employing the Holt-and-Gray configuration
Self-testing comparator
Maximally efficient gain: a figure of merit for linear active 2-ports
Charge-transfer analogue-to-digital convertor
7.9–8.4 GHz GaAs m.e.s.f.e.t. amplifier
Improved coupling formula for dual monolithic crystal filters
MICPA: evaluation of microstrip-line parameters
Generation of correlated log-normal clutter samples
Log-periodic antenna with unidirectional radiation characteristics
Class of wave digital filters consisting only of adders and multipliers
Sampling-mode scanning electron microscope for probing fast voltage waveforms
Dislocation-limited minority-carrier lifetime in n-type GaP
General technique for N-dimensional vector summation of bipolar signals
Determination of an initial mesh for computer simulation of semiconductor devices with nearly abrupt junctions
Identification of nonlinear systems
Design centring and tolerance assignment problems
Relation between i.f. and baseband chirp filtering
High-speed Bode- and Nichols-diagram plotter
Erratum: Algebraic description of J-contractive real matrices
Erratum: Comparison of quasifeedforward- and feedback-controlled amplifier

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