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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 16, 5 August 1976

Volume 12, Issue 16

5 August 1976

Experimental broadband ultrasonic transducers using PVF2 piezoelectric film
In situ in etching technique for l.p.e. InP
High-gain wide-gap-emitter Ga1-xAlxAs-GaAs phototransistor
Single-mode stripe optical waveguides formed by silver ion exchange
Crossmodulation in IMPATT amplifiers
Direct synthesis of discrete-time feedback systems by equivalence transformations of polynomial matrices
Inductive loading of the bias path in IMPATT-diode circuits
Carrier density dependence of resonantly pumped magnetically tunable InSb laser
Flip-chip approach to endfire coupling between single-mode optical fibres and channel waveguides
Determination of the ellipticity of monomode glass fibres from measurements of scattered light intensity
Mode behaviour in a tapered multimode fibre
New glass system for low-loss optical waveguides
Simple formulas for microstrip lines
Algebraic description of J-contractive real matrices
Explicit formulas for the synthesis of Cheby̅shev impedance-matching networks
Propagation in cylindrical fibres with anisotropic crystal cores
Inadequacy of the Rayleigh range criterion for superdirective arrays
Dielectric cone feeds with a shaped reflecting surface
Integrable, wideband, automatic volume control (a.v.c.) using Pythagoras's law for amplitude detection
Comment on ‘New method of obtaining reduced-order models for linear multi-variable systems’ [and reply]

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