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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 14, 8 July 1976

Volume 12, Issue 14

8 July 1976

Design criterion for generation of Gaussian signals from smoothed m-sequences
Computerised search for linear binary codes
Network-analyser reflection measurements of microstrip circuits not requiring exactly reproducible coaxial-to-microstrip transitions
Gigabit/s m-sequence generation
Interdigital transducers for 2-dimensional image scanning
Reduction of high-level nonlinear smearing in c.c.d.s.
Curvature effect in microstrip ring resonators
Long-wave behaviour of the Beverage wave aerial
Stable model reference adaptive systems
Active RC bandpass and lowpass filters using the d.v.c.c.s./d.v.c.v.s.
Maximum Q-factors for symmetrical bandpass filters
Responsivity of avalanche photodiodes in the presence of multiple reflections
Erratum: Scattering loss of s.a.w. resonators

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