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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 13, 24 June 1976

Volume 12, Issue 13

24 June 1976

Generation of 880 MHz surface acoustic wave by transduction from bulk wave using corrugation grating on GaAs
Comparison of quasifeedforward- and feedback-controlled amplifier
Electric-field control in planar Gunn-effect device with Schottky-barrier anode
Crystallisation phenomena of native anodic oxides for GaAs devices
Analysis of multicomponent thin films on GaAs by anodic processes
Linear system reduction using Schwarz canonical form
Attenuation coefficient for tunnelling leaky rays in graded fibres
Addressing scheme for the multiplexing of complex liquid-crystal displays
Computation of time-domain response of URC networks
Design criteria for the ‘hi’ doping density in hi-lo high-efficiency impatts
New complex-pole single-amplifier allpass filter with reduced active-element sensitivities
Multivariable parameter estimation using a 2-step least-squares estimator
Isolated locked hybrid junction power combiner
New π equivalent circuit for high-frequency bipolar transistors
Computation of group delay and its sensitivities
Dual formulation of Youla's theory of broadband matching
Conditions for jitter-free timing in a p.a.m. timing recovery circuit
Contributions of optical-waveguide manufacturing variations to joint loss
Pole sensitivity of the quadratic optimal regulator
Minimal transfer c.c.d. structures
Edge diffraction beyond a caustic
Low-frequency radio transmission in a circular tunnel containing a wire conductor near the wall
Comment on ‘Illumination of graded-core fibres’ [and reply]
Erratum: Correction factors for the determination of optical-fibre refractive-index profiles by the near-field scanning technique

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