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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 11, 27 May 1976

Volume 12, Issue 11

27 May 1976

R.F. induction furnace for silica-fibre drawing
New method for wideband excitation of interdigital surface-wave transducers
Experimental acoustic-surface-wave-to-bulk-wave scattering by grooves
Predicted frequency dependence of microstrip characteristic impedance using the planar-waveguide model
Optoelectronic gating of microwave signals using a silicon microstrip shunt modulator
Monolithic waveguide zinc-oxide-on-silicon convolver
O-band fast p-i-n-diode switch
Computation of Thévenin and Norton equivalents
Recombination effects with high-pressure Langmuir probes
Collector-base capacitance of high frequency integrated bipolar transistors
Linear block codes for nonindependent errors
Unitary (energy-preserving) multichannel networks with feedback
Threshold logic functions in programmable logic arrays
Frequency response of a multiplexed charge-transfer delay line
Correction factors for the determination of optical-fibre refractive-index profiles by the near-field scanning technique
Interconnecting solved subsystems
Criterion for the optimum punchthrough factor of gallium-arsenide IMPATT diodes
Self and mutual admittances/impedances of two parallel nonstaggered dipoles driven by 2-wire lines
Reflection from a cylinder in a surface-wave field
Design of 2-dimensional recursive digital filters
High-frequency radiation intensity noise spectrum of c.w.d.h. GaAlAs-diode lasers
Symmetric reflectors with zero depolarisation
High-accuracy vector-difference and vector-sum circuits
Digital filters using read-only memories
Erratum: Multipole optical-fibre connector

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