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Electronics Letters

Volume 12, Issue 10, 13 May 1976

Volume 12, Issue 10

13 May 1976

Moulded microwave squid for r.f.-attenuator calibration
High-power Pt Schottky BARITT diodes
Holographic selective mode coupling to integrated optical waveguides
Use of n-cubes in the design of logic circuits
Simple method of measuring drift-mobility profiles in thin semiconductor films
Exact realisation of 2-dimensional digital filters by separable filters
Modulo-2 expressions of switching functions
Parametric study of the crosspolarisation efficiency of parabolic reflectors
Counterexample to a conjecture in multiprocessor scheduling
Real-time network analyser using dual analogue chirp transform
Stacked I2L circuit
Monolithic broadband GaAs f.e.t. amplifiers
Performance of a 2-element adaptive array by a maximum-signal/noise-ratio algorithm
Correlator based on delta-sigma modulation
Universal curves for power attenuation in ideal multimode fibres
Attenuation coefficient for rays in graded fibres with absorbing cladding
Extraction of implantation profiles from the differential body effect of ion-implanted m.o.s. transistors
Even-weighted codes for error detection
Near-optimal control using reduced-order models
Small-signal subthreshold model for i.g.f.e.t.s
Quasienhancement-mode operation of transferred-electron logic devices (t.e.l.d.s)
Equal-ripple rational functions with multiple critical pole pair

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