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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 8, 17 April 1975

Volume 11, Issue 8

17 April 1975

High-speed high-power 1.06 μm gallium–indium-arsenide light-emitting diodes
Synchronisation-burst spectra for the switching satellite
V-shaped-gate GaAs m.e.s.f.e.t. for improved high-frequency performance
Bonding and interconnections for c.c.d.s
Synthesis of windows from raised-cosine pulse
Passive coded transponder using an acoustic-surface-wave delay line
Pulsed measurement of BARITT-diode impedance against current and temperature
Comment: Moving-average output interface for digital stochastic computers
Voltage-controlled negative resistance in conductance transistors with hook structure
Antenne spirales équiangulaires planes á quatre brins à réflecteur conique et à cavité, encastrée dans une structure (Plane equiangular 4-arm spiral antenna with conical reflector and cavity, fitted into a structure)
Choice of grid configuration of array antennas
High-speed 1 μm GaAs m.e.s.f.e.t.
VDS voltage capabilities of a diffused j.f.e.t. with a vertical-channel arrangement
Lowpass-filter flat magnitude characteristic with sharp cutoff
Broadband (7–18 GHz) 10 dB overlay coupler for m.i.c. application
Zero material dispersion in optical fibres
Effect of chromium thickness on AuCr–nSi Schottky and AuCr–np+ Si BARITT diodes
High-efficiency p–n junction GaAs IMPATT devices
Novel technique for r.m.s.–d.c. conversion based on the difference of squares
Ultrasonic blood flowmeter yielding instantaneous velocity profile by real-time phase detection
Circular aperture distribution with one parameter

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