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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 5, 6 March 1975

Volume 11, Issue 5

6 March 1975

Parallel and pipeline computation of fast unitary transforms
Ideal 2-port convertor networks using operational amplifiers
Velocity/field characteristic of n-type indium phosphide at 110 and 330 K
Experimental results on fast surface states and 1/f noise in m.o.s. transistors
Gradient identification of multivariable discrete systems
Optimal broadband cylindrical antenna with one and two lumped capacitive loadings
Run-length coding method for black-and-white facsimile with a ternary code as an intermediate step
Charge-limited domains in gallium-arsenide avalanche diodes
Medium-power GaAs field-effect transistors
B.J.T. frequency doubling with sinusoidal output
High-speed m sequence generation: a further note
Band-elimination filter employing surface-acoustic-wave resonators
Fermat-transform implementation by a minicomputer
Extension of applicability of Popov's steady-state absolute-stability frequency criterion of nonlinear systems
Single-bit crosscorrelation function of single-bit bandlimited Gaussian waveform and two simultaneous reflections corrupted by noise
Tracking sensitivity: an alternative algorithm for linear nonreciprocal circuits
Investigation of intermodulation in acoustic-surface-wave filter
Effect of difference in odd-and even-mode wavelengths on a parallel-coupled bandpass filter
Semi-insulating properties of Fe-doped InP
Programmable acoustic-surface-wave oscillator

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