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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 4, 20 February 1975

Volume 11, Issue 4

20 February 1975

Formation of synthetic images on a laser-beam-adressed smectic liquid-crystal display
Photoconductive detector of fast-transition optical waveforms
Further explanation of the continuous transformation pattern on the AD–BC plane
Elimination of skewing in the amplitude distributions of long m sequences subjected to low-pass filtering
Improvements for general-purpose s.s.i. logic packages and m.s.i./l.s.i. logic subsystems
Temperature dependence of the velocity/field characteristic of electrons in InP
Temperature dependence of the subthreshold velocity/field characteristic for epitaxial InP
Monotonic lowpass filters with maximum selectivity
Characteristics of magnetostatic surface-wave propagation in a layered structure consisting of metals, dielectrics, a semiconductor and y.i.g.
Crosspolarisation measurements using a composite feed
Generalised model for programmable sequence controllers
Parametric sideband amplification in injection lasers
Digital filters for code format conversion
Doublet replié actif à large bande à la réception (Transistor-fed thick folded dipole with large bandwidth at reception)
Erratum: Simulation of a generalised self-tuning regulator

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