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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 3, 6 February 1975

Volume 11, Issue 3

6 February 1975

Improved method of anodic oxidation of GaAs
Investigation of parasitic oscillations in IMPATT-diode oscillators by a simple locus chart
Multilevel aperiodic Huffman sequences
Ferrite bias lines for use with GaAs IMPATT diodes
Broadband lumped-element X band GaAs f.e.t. amplifier
Circuit model for the GaAs m.e.s.f.e.t. valid to 12 GHz
Signal/noise ratio for short integrated antennas
Nonsaturated integrated injection logic
Sawtooth-voltage-waveform generator for extended-duration sweeps
New solution to a problem in Luenberger observer design
Utilisation de l'effet de pointe dans l'analyse modale de certains obstacles en guide d'onde (Use of edge condition in modal analysis of some discontinuities in waveguides)
Load-line analysis of i.i.l.
Nachweis der unbedingten Äquivalenz der Verstärkergrundschaltungen MIT Gegenkopplungsschaltungen (Complete description of the basic amplifier configurations by feedback action)
Measurement of the effective relative permittivities of microstrip

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