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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 24, 27 November 1975

Volume 11, Issue 24

27 November 1975

Domain width in a dielectrically loaded Gunn diode
Quick accurate design of a frequency-stabilised coaxial dielectric resonator
GaAs m.e.s.f.e.t. linear power-amplifier stage giving 1 W
Phasenselektiver Gleichrichter mit grosser Bandbreite (Wide bandwidth phase-sensitive rectifier)
Outmigration of gallium from Au-GaAs interfaces
Microwave-component support facilitating accurate connector alignment free from strain
Illumination of graded-core fibres
Wave active filters based on unit-element prototypes
Fast and nondestructive method of C(V) profiling of thin semiconductor layers on an insulating substrate
Simplified optical-fibre breaking machine
Multipole optical-fibre connector
100 Mb/s optical-repeater experiment employing graded-index fibres
Simultaneous storage of spatially orthogonal acoustic beams in a Schottky-diode memory correlator
Partial input/output decoupling in time-delay control systems
Studies of cache store behaviour in a real-time minicomputer environment
Signal/noise ratio of inductive-loaded antennas
Noise-factor measurement of millimetre-wave IMPATT diodes by the superregenerative principle
Towards the theoretical design of splash-plate feeds
Design of moving-target-indicator filters using a quadrature channel
V.H.F. f.e.t. preamplifier with 0.3 dB noise figure
New class of primary-feed antennas for use with offset parabolic-reflector antennas
Analysis of a wide range of microwave resonators: t.l.m. methods
Residual distortion remaining after pre- or postdistortion
Cutoff wavelengths of guided modes in optical fibres with square-law core profile
Snow fading on 1 March 1974 on microwave links in the Mendlesham propagation experiment
Distortionless frequency-shift keying: further results
Design of coupled combline directional couplers
Erratum: Encoding standards for 2-channel surround sound

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