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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 23, 13 November 1975

Volume 11, Issue 23

13 November 1975

Grating-filter transformation chart
Effect of polarisation on pulse broadening in multimode graded-index optical fibres
New low-melting cholesterogens for electro-optical displays and surface thermography
Uniform diffraction solution for a discontinuity in curvature
Nonuniform threshold voltage instabilities in p-channel silicon-gate m.o.s. transistors
Jump phenomenon in a gyrator circuit
Surface-acoustic-wave pulse transducer
Characterisation of threshold functions under the Walsh transform and linear translation
Depletion m.o.s. power transistors
Crosspolar radiation from open-ended corrugated waveguides
Erratum: Coupled-resonator acoustic-surface-wave filter
Erratum: Buffered stack memory organisation
Erratum: Planar Gunn-effect logic device with two separated cathodes

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