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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 22, 30 October 1975

Volume 11, Issue 22

30 October 1975

Radar Doppler processing using c.c.d and s.a.w. devices
Background subtraction in surface-wave holography
Improved algorithm for optimal stabilisation of linear systems
Attenuation characteristics of multimode optical fibre with lossy cladding and lossy jacket
Large-bandwidth diode convolver using an exceptionally uniform silicon-on-sapphire diode array
Noise-cancelling microphone using a piezoelectric plastics transducing element
Ray analysis of W-type slab optical waveguides with core distortions
Carrier recovery technique for digital phase-modulated signals
Circuit to compute (x2+y2)½ for analogue values represented by pulse width
Frequency-dependent behaviour of microstrip offset junctions
L'eliminazione delle oscillazioni spurie negli amplificatori e oscillatori a diodo IMPATT (Elimination of the low-frequency spurious oscillations in IMPATT amplifiers and oscillators)
Logical phase-controlled oscillator
Clock recovery from random binary signals
Bit error probability properties of Gray-coded m.p.s.k. signals
1/f noise produced by radio-frequency current in resistors
Effect of mirror resistivity on loss-angle measurements in open resonators
Attenuation by cloud and rain on Earth-Sun paths at 12 to 71 GHz
Codes for digital line transmission
Calculation of radiation patterns of a Yagi antenna above imperfectly conducting ground
Charge-coupled-device digital-analogue convertor

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