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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 20, 2 October 1975

Volume 11, Issue 20

2 October 1975

Contact-bonded epoxy-resin lenses to fibre endfaces
Large-microstrip-step-discontinuity model useful to 10 GHz
Reflection from cylinder in surface-wave field
Crosspolarisation measurements using a composite feed with parasitic elements
Current computation on complex structures by finite-element method
Efficient ternary transmission codes
Comparison of boron and neon damage effects in boron ion-implanted resistors
Determinacy of computation schemata for both parallel and simultaneous operation
Low-frequency capacitance measurements
Numerical comparison of two methods of designing insensitive controllers
Fast photoluminescence modulation for optoelectronic applications
Numerical check of g.t.d. near-field calculations for the meteosat satellite
Mildly suboptimal digital filters using a host windowing approach
Stability of multivariable control systems designed using reduced-order models: further results
Novel 3-terminal amorphous-semiconductor device
Evaluation of a diversity system for u.h.f. mobile radio
Independent control of temperature coefficient and breakdown voltage in Zener diodes

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