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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 2, 23 January 1975

Volume 11, Issue 2

23 January 1975

Efficient damping method for least-squares algorithms
Design of multivariable systems using unity-rank state feedback: further results
Thermal characteristics of surface-wave recirculating loops on a y-cut quartz disc delay line
Electroluminescent GaAs–GaxAl1−xAs heterostructure diodes with negative resistance at low temperatures
Antenne spirales équiangulaires planes à réflecteur conique (Plane equiangular 4-arm spiral antenna with conical reflector)
Generalisation of the self-tuning regulator
Simulation of a generalised self-tuning regulator
Semiempirical law relating cross-polarisation discrimination to fade depth for rainfall
Simple I/V model for short-channel i.g.f.e.t.s in the triode region
S.A.W. fused-silica reflective-array compressor
New broadband balun
Interpolation of discrete signals
Nonlinear quadrature model for a travelling-wave-tube-type amplifier
C/V curves for gate-controlled diodes in silicon on sapphire
Erratum: Logicfree data channels

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