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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 19, 18 September 1975

Volume 11, Issue 19

18 September 1975

Equivalent-circuit parameters for LiTaO3 plate resonators
Modifications of the Routh algorithm
C.C.F.E.T.: an active charge-coupled device
Optical-fibre phase modulator
Signal encoding for party-line digital data transmission
Filtered binary sequences with no skewing
Transit-time-induced microwave negative resistance in Ga1−xAlxas—GaAs heterostructure diodes
Planar waveguide model for calculating microstrip components
p+-n-p+ BARITT-diode design
D* functions generator
Low-resistivity n-type layers in inasxp1−x by ion implantation
Capacitance of nonuniform coaxial transmission lines
Alternative way for numerical steady-state analysis of forward-biased p-n junction devices
Phase errors in transversal and recursive filters realised with charge-transfer devices
Network analyser employing surface-acoustic-wave discrete Fourier-transform processor
Profile dispersion in multimode fibres: measurement and analysis
Electrically tunable narrowband optical filter
Transient response of lossy transmission lines
Tunable X band GaAs f.e.t. amplifier
Erratum: Gyrator frequency modulator
Erratum: Influence of mode coupling on the noise properties of multimode-fibre systems
Erratum: Minimal realisation of a symmetric transfer function matrix using Markov parameters and moments
Erratum: Binary sequences with good correlation properties

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