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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 18, 4 September 1975

Volume 11, Issue 18

4 September 1975

Angular dependence of the mode-coupling coefficient in a multimode optical fibre
Iterative digital multiplier based on cellular arrays of r.o.m.s
Clock averaging circuit
Particular universal function generator
High-power C band Read IMPATT diodes
Numerical solutions to the 2-dimensional time-dependent semiconductor equations
Fault-tolerant digital clocking system
Microstrip system for voltage-controlled phase equalisation for microwaves
New coupling method for GaAs-laser–fibre coupling
Mass-production-type GaAs IMPATT diodes in s.h.f. band
Design considerations for a receiver for digital fibre-optic communication systems
Optimum digital phase-locked loops
Digital simulation of electronic components
Arrays for generating arbitrary mask vectors
Practical minimum-capacitance very-low-frequency RC active network
Approximate identification of automata
Quasisaturation-region operation of n–p–n–n power transistors
Pulse broadening in near-square-law graded-index fibres

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