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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 17, 21 August 1975

Volume 11, Issue 17

21 August 1975

Reverse-biased p+–n–n+ junction at extreme currents
Aggregated models for high-order systems
Digital-phase-locked-koop phase-error variance
Amplifier systems with quasifeed-forward control
InP microwave oscillations with 2-zone cathodes
Rigorous derivation of computer-corrected network-analyser calibration equations
Design of cavity-stabilised microwave oscillators
Directional coupler for gigahertz frequencies, based on the coupling properties of two planar comb transmission lines
Delay structures with planar Gunn devices
Realisations of stable orthogonal networks (rotators and reflectors) with operational amplifiers
Optimal regulator with a prescribed degree of stability: a limiting case
Effect of conductive thermal-control paint on spacecraft-antenna performance
Self-regulating Picard-type iteration for computing the periodic response of a nearly linear circuit to a periodic input
Evanescent and complex solutions in two circular coaxial waveguides
Generalisation of nodal analysis
Use of the ‘edge condition’ in the numerical solution of waveguide-antenna problems
Computer-aided experimental investigation of the correct turn-on in thyristors with amplifying gate
Expression for decoupling in multiple-beam antennas
Instabilities in some nematic products of positive dielectric anisotropy
Effect of dielectric edge conditions on mode-matching solutions
Erratum: Technique for plotting nonequilibrium C/V curves of an m.o.s. capacitor

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