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Electronics Letters

Volume 11, Issue 16, 7 August 1975

Volume 11, Issue 16

7 August 1975

RLC synthesis of certain functions with real poles and zeros not expressible as the product of an RC and an RL function
Large-angle beam deflector using liquid crystals
Digital filter roundoff noise calculation using the driving-point impedance
Output feedback controllers optimal for time-multiplied performance indices
Computer algorithm for optimal control of linear systems with assigned eigenvalues
Novel active hybrid circuit and its applications
New multiple feedback active RC network
Numerical simulation of the spectral response and the I(V) characteristics of solar cells
Accuracy of the CCIR F2 layer model at low and middle latitudes
Digital interpolation filters with prescribed interpolation errors
Common-gate GaAs f.e.t. oscillator
Logic drive circuit for 3-phase charge-coupled devices
Large-signal p.c.m. behaviour of injection lasers with coherent irradiation into one of their oscillating modes
Dispersion characteristics of the Gaussian surface-magnetostatic-wave modes in ferrite slabs
Optical-transmission experiment at 400 mb/s using a graded-index fibre
Dual-frequency-band feed with partially-dielectric-loaded grooves
Chopping operations in wave digital filters
Transient thermal analysis of low-duty short-pulsed high-power TRAPATT diodes
Linear controlled amnesic immittance elements and networks
Rapid-response frequency measurement using analogue period processing
Reducing the effect of charge-transfer inefficiency in a c.c.d. video integrator
Model reduction using minimal realisation algorithms
Eigenvalue/eigenvector assignment for multivariable systems and further results for output feedback control
Mode transit times in near-parabolic-index optical fibres
GaAs varactor diode for u.h.f. t.v. tuners
Stripline interdigitated couplers: analysis and design considerations
Power-spectral analysis using the magnetic-delay-line processor
Frequency-domain stability theorem for the Lurie system with multiple nonlinearities specified by sector and slope information
Erratum: Gain-loss measurements on a carbon-fibre composite reflector antenna
Erratum: Complex distribution effects of thin component ohmic-contact layers on GaAs
Erratum: Signal-error-feedforward-controlled amplifiers
Erratum: Simple TRAPATT circuit for 2nd-harmonic extraction
Erratum: Gain adjusting an optimal regulator
Erratum: Criterion for the stability of all moments of a particular stochastic system

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